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United in Manchester International Summer School

Day trips

During your time at the United in Manchester Summer School, there will be opportunities to visit some of the amazing places in the north of England.

The Peak District

One of the most visited places in England and if you take this trip, you will find out why. The trip includes a visit to historic Chatsworth House and many more activities. If you like walking you will find many places to explore either at a robust (get your heart beating) or sedate pace. Take this trip and you will have the chance to fill your lungs with fresh air.

The Shambles in York City centre

There are over 2,000 years of history to be enjoyed in York going right back to Roman times. The city contains many interesting buildings and a historic wall that embraces the city. However, you can also appreciate more recent history of the railways because York was and still is a very important railway town. If history does not interest you, wander down the narrow but delightful shopping streets; be warned it will be very difficult to keep your money in your pocket.

Quarry Bank Mill and the River Bollin

Founded in 1784, Quarry Bank Mill is one of the best preserved textile mills of the Industrial Revolution. On your visit, you can explore the story of mill workers, the domestic life of the Greg family who ran the mill, their possessions and extraordinary machines and other items relating to the cotton industry, and discover how the Industrial Revolution changed our world forever.