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United in Manchester International Summer School

English communication and business (afternoon sessions)

You will develop business and communication skills that will enhance your confidence and employability.

English communication

English communication

The English communication sessions aim to raise awareness of the characteristics of different text types, particularly academic texts and the language of business.  Likewise, they draw attention to the extra linguistic skills necessary for good quality academic writing, such as critical thinking, researching and providing adequate reference to literature.

While little time will be dedicated to the explicit teaching of grammatical structures and vocabulary, you will be encouraged to request extra help in this area if there is a particular language point you would like the lecturer to explain.


Meeting with the English criterion to enrol into this Summer School.

Entrepreneur skills

New product development in a global context

Unit aims

By studying this course unit you will:

  1. Develop your required methodological and process knowledge and skills that can be implemented in a business plan,
  2. Become aware of the limits of said knowledge and skills in terms of viability and sustainability,
  3. Become aware of the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in a modern knowledge economy,
  4. Acquire a realistic view on entrepreneurship, business activity, economic growth, information management, budgeting, cost accounting, and time management,
  5. Become aware of the dynamics of team work in an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural environment,
  6. Improve your oral and written communication skills in academic and business English, in particular in an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural environment,
  7. Develop your self-awareness through self - reflection and self- assessment.

Teaching formation

There are a series of intensive business related lectures designed to develop your understanding of business with regards to team working, effective communication and new product development, in a cross-discipline, cross-cultural team demanded by the modern global employer. You will work in teams to develop a new product based on your own individual skills, and the results of your work will be presented. You will also develop oral communication skills through practical activities related to the world of business. Specifically, you will practise negotiating, persuading, interviewing and presenting in formal contexts.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the unit, you will be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

  • Appreciate cross-cultural differences in company culture, work organisation and organisation of higher education;
  • Gather an extensive understanding of the dynamics of entrepreneurship;
  • Experience cross-cultural sensitivities in an international environment.

Intellectual skills

  • Solve problems as they arise;
  • Critically evaluate your role in a cross-cultural classroom.

Practical skills

  • Realise a sustainable final product, preferably an optimal balance between the various considerations involved, in small groups in which the group members are mutually dependent on each other to achieve a qualitatively good result;
  • Apply your knowledge and critical understanding to aid in the marketing of the technology you have developed;
  • Acquire the skills for organisation and time management, quality management, and communication management, all related to the final product;
  • Present the final product in written and oral form;
  • Write a report in a scientific style in which the relevance of a cohesive team to the development of new products in innovative organisations is critically evaluated;
  • Produce an electronic portfolio (logbook with activities and reflections);
  • Write a report in which conclusions are drawn from the electronic portfolio

Interpersonal and transferable skills

  • Function in an interdisciplinary environment, and, in particular, have mutual respect for the expertise and skills specific to each discipline and each individual;
  • Deal with conflicts (whether subject-related, personal, or cross-cultural).


Meeting with the criterion to enrol into this Summer School.

English and business in action

Watch our videos to get a feel of what these sessions will involve.

You will work in cross cultural, cross discipline teams.

You will learn to create and develop new product ideas for potential commercialisation.

You will develop business skills that will help you when looking for employment.

Develop your English communication skills to improve your self-confidence.

You and your team will then ‘Pitch’ your idea to business judges.